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Sunday, July 15, 2012

MET, interview and final exam

guyyssssss! i'm not gonna write a long post this time. just a short one. i'll be sitting for Medical Entrance Test (MET) on the day after tomorrow. n i just knew that on that evening, there will be an interview for all of us. aaaaaaaa! i hate interview n any kind of speaking test!!! i've no confident with myself. for MET, the syllabus used for that test is A-level's. what should i do? i dont know what should i read, what should i study???! stress! n for next week, i'll be sitting for final exam for sem 3 , the last sem in foundation in medical science in MSU. i haven't revise comp science, islamic studies, genetic, chemistry n english. ALL SUBJECTS! these two weeks are the busiest week for me! wish me luck! bye guys! :(

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